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One of the only companies in KSA, that focusses on both hardware and software as a bundled solution for its customers.

Amplify is the creator of customer-centric digital solutions designed to let a range of cashier machine retail businesses push their limits of what's possible with the introduction of technology. Amplify brings together software and business tools through months of research and development revolving around enhancing customer experience.

A startup boasting digital transformation and customer experience improvement all in a niche market segment is not an easy challenge. ​

However, the past two years have been about cultivating growth, market research, development and testing; all that cashier machine has helped lay the blueprint for scalability – our growth phase

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Our Solutions

Hyper Markets

End to End Complete Point of Sale Solution

Convenience Stores

Supermarkets, Mini Markets & Warehouses

Food Outlets

Restaurants, Cafes & Bakeries

Fresh Produce Markets

Fish, Poultry and Fruit stores

Mobile & Flexibility

eTablets for vans & food trucks

Body Care

Spa, Salloons and Beauty Parlors

General Shopping

Garments, gifts & accessory outlets


Mobile and Telecommunication market

Process & approach

1. Contact Us & We will visit you

"every contact is an opportunity 

3. Upon successful demo - we finalize installation and training

2. Find the best retail solution possible within Amplify

"our core belief"

4. Support that is available 24/7 for the next foreseeable future