About us

Amplify is an independent, customer-centric development house that helps build data-driven organizations.

Complete Software Solution

We discover opportunities, unmet customer needs and invent breakthrough growth models; by empowering your team with practical solutions and optimized processes using emerging technologies keeping community development and innovation at the core.

Bringing together software and business tools through months of research and development revolving around enhancing customer experience, we are proud finally of being one of the only companies in KSA, that focuses on both hardware and software as a bundled solution for its customers.

A startup boasting digital transformation and customer experience improvement all in a niche market segment is not an easy challenge. We have made small waves in creating an impact, a lasting impression that resonates professionalism, team ethics, hard work, and success.



Our passion combined with the true essence of customer-service; Amplify is to improve and enhance the business experience of all those that interact with it. Second-to-none in a growing niche in this segment; we aim to Amplify the Consultancy and the POS to newer heights.


To experience the journey with you and be part of the national transformation that gives you the push to soar to new heights!

Our Journey
Breif history of AMPLIFY

2018 : Founded

  • Mar An Idea born that had building a ‘community’ at its core for the entire business
  • Aug Business plans, proposals, funding, research and designs all put into play
  • Dec Business if officially registered and launch

2019 : Progress

  • Feb Setup agreements and component administered for our prototype device
  • May First set of devices ordered exclusive
  • Jun Beta launch in a few chosen outlets to test software compatability vs hardware
  • Jul a pile of operational, software and hardware mistakes; shakes Amplify to its core
  • Sep Revisited the business canvas and identified gaps for improvement
  • Dec First financial year with loss, but was able to break-even partial operational costs

2020: Team Expansion

  • Feb We got market traction and the brand started getting recognition
  • Mar COVID Lockdown commenced
  • Jun Invested in research and in-housing our software team
  • Sep Sales picked up with better traction from before. GAZT reponses assisted our business flight
  • Nov We broke even operational costs and generated first round of profits

2021 : Business Growth

  • Jan Approval of our patent for the hardware in processing
  • Feb Registered our technical office in India & Increased the team by 75%
  • Mar Diversified income by conformity registerations for accessories e-commerce launch