A modern point of sale
(POS) system

With everything becoming easier on computers, POS systems have definitely found an irreplaceable role in nurturing your business instantly and booming into an organized system. At Amplify, we bring together the best of technical and hardware expertise in building the best Point of Sale systems for you.

How so we stand out?

  • Bigger the display, better the function! The 15-inch widescreen display extends exceptional viewing experience and easier recollection.
  • Better with customizations, and several features like in-built bar-code reader, in-built printer, remote access, order alerts, VAT receipts, and what not!
  • High-quality service personalized to your needs at affordable pricing.
  • Get the best manufactured devices with all the market needs prioritized from having lesser wires to better accessibility to a single-power source for the entire unit.
  • Get your prints customized with the in-built thermal printing feature in our device.
  • Android or Windows, we have got it all covered with POS systems built into you comfort systems. Variable user experiences in them come with a single design unit taking your bigger audience into consideration.

Your business soaring heights is our top priority!

Connect with options of bluetooth, Wifi or in-built LAN cable.
Energy Efficient
One power source to illuminate a bundle of technology in one solid hardware
Easy Control
A 15.6inch wide touch screen captures the essence of user flexibility & portability
Simple Step
Configure any software or our retail ultra-customizable model for your daily needs
Superior Design
Build with robust material and certified by ISO standards to last daily operations
Built for the future for contact & contactless customer management
Internal & External with above 280mm/s speeds



POS Machines
Version 2.0 (i7)

i7 (1)
i7 (2)
i7 (3)
i7 (4)
i7 (5)

POS Machines
Version 4.0 (i6)

i6 (5)
i6 (2)
i6 (3)

What's included