Reliable system
(POS) Software

With our team of experts at work and years of experience, the development by Amplify has successfully launched the all-in-one VAT software providing more than one user interface on a single UI dimension. We have the best for every one of you, from a single point of sale machine of access catering to regular customers to multi-user systems for huge chains with waiters and ordering services to even bigger hypermarkets undergoing transactions of thousands and lakhs every hour.

Why choose us?

  • Emphasizes on faster processing of transactions
  • Easier methods of daily sales, from reports to analysis
  • Assessment of monthly financial reports in hand
  • Systems that can be self-taught with no prior training needed.

Be unstoppable
Enjoy great power wherever the business takes you

From uninterrupted access to fast billing features, the Amplify POS supports online and offline modes, making sure your work never pauses. Save money, time, effort, and the best of all-keeps your customers happy with faster and accurate services.

At Amplify, the growth of your business drives the design of your POS system and assures you to take it to bigger levels. With Amplify POS, managing multiple stores/retail outlets from one place or tracking the performance of your team becomes unchallenging and easy-peasy!

Get what you need
when you need!

With Amplify POS, the fear of not getting items in stock when in huge demand disappears. With inventory updates and order alerts, you remain updated on every data you might require, instantly, anytime, anywhere! For every need of yours from generating customized VAT bills, accounting, and financial statements, and easier ways of using barcode scanning enabling billing of larger items, getting your POS from Amplify is the best decision you could ever make!



Review in one click -> Cash Sales, Card Sales, Gross Revenue, Credit Revenue

VAT Reports

Take the trouble away from monthly and quarterly calculation. Our software does it automatically -> print customized reports on weekly, monthly or yearly basis

Sales (In)

There are numerous ways to review your sales from online platform, a tablet, mobile phone and the POS itself. Here is a snapshot on the expected level of details

Suppliers (Out)

Purchasing, inventory management and credit for suppliers all can be added, reviewed from our online portal. Be on the go and continue working with our plug-and-play online solution

Services Industry
Flexible for any retail business
Hyper Markets
Complete POS Solutions
Food Outlets
Restaurants, Cafes & Bakeries
eTablets, vans, food trucks
General Shopping
Garments, gifts & accessory outlets
Convenience Stores
Supermarkets, Minimarkets, Warehouses
Fish, poultry and fruit stores
Body Care
Spa, salloons and beauty parlors
Mobile & Telecommunications