Process & Business Re-engineering

your business

Transform your business through strategic consulting!

A team of expert business consultants and advisors brings the change that your company needs! From streamlining your business processes to increasing employee & customer satisfaction, from improving the overall performance at the workplace to getting you out of obstacles in the way, Amplify gives you a clear-cut formula to success. With a calculative evaluation of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threat as a brand, the Amplify team comes up with easy-to-implement, step-by-step solutions that will improve your organization’s overall operation and expansion.

Get your business guided, strategized, and executed!

We do the “heavy lifting” so you don’t have to sweat. With a clear understanding of the dozen roles you have to do; building and managing your team, finding customers, developing valuable products, increasing return on investment, we play our part to get your work rewarded!

Our services include the analysis of your business systems, evaluation of your operating models, assessment of performance, changes, organization of sales, and planning for better products in the upcoming future. We believe in creating mind-boggling concepts for tomorrow, and your start-up is safe with us from the development of business plans and executive summaries to proposals and pitch decks. At Amplify, we drive and you enjoy the ride!

Get you informed on the market dynamics!

Knowing the dynamics and statistics of your target market is a prerequisite for any business. Our business development team provides accurate data about your target audience and competitor information via proven economic analysis. Beholding the wealth of data and research studies we own, we help you take incredible decisions based on the conclusions guiding you to invest, implement growth strategies, and carry out decisions with confidence, and reap laurels.

Displaying every aspect, the nuts, and bolts of your business, we hold ourselves responsible to warn you regarding possible risks and provide solutions to mitigate the same. With Amplify, your business resolutions come with a purpose and get it conquered.


What do we do
for you?

  • Grow your audience every minute with strategic business planning.
  • Building a digital space for your brand with custom software solutions.
  • Powering up the business expansion driven by demand and data.
  • Consultation on all terms of business to enrich and nurture your brand.
  • Helping enterprise IT executives plan IT infrastructure changes and investments.
  • Evaluation and validation for your sales terms, product roadmaps, and lead generation systems
  • Improve the financial figures in business with well-established business reforms and strategized plans.

Mode of consulting
how its done?


We begin with an extensive study of your organization from communicating with your employees at the workplace level. This helps us in assessing and evaluating strategic opportunities for improvements within the work pattern, and validating the relationship between the foundation of your business and end-user expectations, to align them and yielding better results.


We dig deeper into your customer experience through feedbacks and policies and identify the loopholes within or the challenges that might come in the way to success. Reviewing your online reputation, PR strategies, and marketing impacts help us to gain the complete picture to create better and impactful strategies for your business.


Based on the analysis, we portray your brand’s positioning and keep you informed about the opportunities, threats, risks, and investment ahead in the big game. We offer you a panorama of the target market and competitive landscape, to lay down the right plan for your brand to attain its purpose.


With well-formulated data of research in hand, delivering customer-centric business models blending analytics and customer-specific demands can make your business successful and sustainable in the long run. And that’s what we assist you with!


Using our holistic approach of strategic execution, we help you grow on rapidly built solutions and transform the face of your business in the market. All that your business needs are delivered by our team with promising outcomes and within the suggested timeframe.

6 Monitoring & Measurement

We believe in forming relationships forever, and our documentation extensively designed to show the flow of action taken from scratch can be of great use to your business in implementing strong decisions in the future. We offer you better clarity and resolution through the detailed report showing visible results, changes, and monitoring the brand’s growth throughout and beyond the project life cycle.


Now that your business is running at its highest acceleration, we still don’t leave you alone. To maximize sales, production, and demand, we readily offer support and consultation services guiding you to a better place than now. With the bigger picture in mind, we see your marketing efforts evolving into interesting growth, sales processes turning prospects to customers, and the production team assuring a loyal customer database.

And then,
watch everything amplify!

We assure your business to be amplified in all regards with our assistance in helping you make informed decisions, address specific IT challenges, and strike a digital transformation with confidence.

Over analyzing the unmet technical needs of your business, we focus on the entire ecosystem and get find your biggest fishes out there! With our knowledge and experience, and with the right support from Amplify, opportunity keeps knocking!