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Witness your business become an overnight success story where you turn smart and your customer smarter! Be it your website, social media profiles, company e-mail marketing, we get you to the peak with our magical wands that strike everything right and illusion!

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Well, as per reports this year, 76% of people who search something nearby end up getting to the door within a day and 28% of those who turn end up making a purchase! That speaks for itself, and at Amplify, we make sure the ideas on paper reflect on your monthly profit reports!

And what gets you there? Right SEO! And we’ve got it right at Amplify!

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Our extensive team and approach is focused to bring nothing less than the best for your business in the digital world, with holistic processes and boosting strategies. From creating a brand identity that speaks tons about your values as a business to attending every tiny detail that needs expert advice, Amplify has the right people and skill set to guide you through the virtual world.

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Ever wondered the number of times we visit social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter on a daily basis? Gazing at the huge gallons of data and traffic attracted by these applications as magnet is enough to realize the unmatched influence and need of social media over the conventional physical world of branding. With 73% marketers identifying social media to be ‘effective’ in driving profit and 90% of the global social media users trying to reach out to brands through the same, you have nothing to doubt about!

With us at Amplify, we optimize, manage, and market your social game with the right concepts and visions, based on your foundation and core values. Your business receives a strong online presence, visibility, and personifies a brand value at popular platforms deriving potential traffic with better returns on the investment. Our team is magicians in their roles to harness the power of social media, and enable your brand to grab the exponential success through the media convergence.


Running social sweepstakes are now in the trend for a reason, and who doesn’t love a little traction into your online platforms? From building a stronger connection with your audience (increases by 50%) and driving the engagement high to induce virality and create a stronger e-mail customer base of around 67% more than the traditional, the right marketing gigs can take you a long way.

Driven by ultimate professionalism and moral ethics, we at Amplify are well-educated about every vibration in the target market and deliver the expected persuasive and creative branding strategies and cohesive promotional campaigns that can take your business a notch higher. Our interesting ideas assures you the generation of leads, increase in the traffic to your prospects, creation of brand awareness, elaborate engagement, and a loyalty stamp over the virtual platform.


Your vision held high to preach principles and sell services or products for the generation to come in a long run is what drives us to create an identity for your business that stands out of the crowd. With consistent application of strategies, long-term goals, and better communication of emotions to your target audience can boost your business growth, all while building an identity for you!

We answer questions that your potential audience might have! From the visual aesthetics, tone, and messaging style, to the functional statistics with understanding of the demographics in your target market, we do everything’s needed for you to hit the jackpot!


Mobile phones and computer are no longer communication tools! Transforming the business on to screens has been the biggest growth of the decade, and with a 20% of increase in a year has lots to speak! Reports say that every user spent 3 hours per day on an average browsing through web portals and mobile applications. Now, you know why an expert team like Amplify can make your business graphs spike!

With a certified and experienced team of designer, developers, and strategists at Amplify, we hike your profits into doubles and triples with our mobile and computer interfaces that attract audience to take action, and carve a niche for your business in the market. We have everything you’re looking for, including website coding, designing, hosting, compatibility assessment, regular analytics tracking, SEO optimization, lead form creation and content creation. One-stop for it all, just a ring away!


Not always do you have to invest a lot of time away from your family, put in sweat and effort until you burn out! Trust us at Amplify, in making the smart moves your company needs to scale it at the least a 10X the statistics now! Work smart, click hard, and watch the amplification!

Beginning from understanding the requirement of the audience and ideation of the conceptual sketch, our people gets you through the creation of idea-centric custom content, cross-checking, eliminating ineffective material to deliver pure and unique resources to your customers. We also take up the responsibility of making sure that the right content reaches the right audience with maximum reach ability and measure the scope and record every action taken. So that, when they search, you appear!